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Organisations that have embraced a greener strategy are now enjoying the many financial benefits, streamlined processes and better staff engagement and support.

Here at Laundry Efficiency we’re keen on reducing our carbon footprint, help fight against global warming, manage a green business and help others become more efficient and environmentally friendly. This is the reason why we visited The Big Green Event in Southampton earlier this month. We wanted to learn, inspire and be inspired by other companies and global organizations that work towards a brighter future.

We had such a great fun on the event! We met so many inspiring innovators and pioneers of renewable and green technologies. We listened to keynote speakers and influencers in the green technology space and took part in a number of workshops that taught more on smart waste management, environmental action and how to implement green technologies into virtually any business.

What this day proved to us is two things:

  • More and more people are keen to run efficient and profitable environmentally friendly businesses
  • The ozone technology is in great demand and we’re on the right track when it comes to offering commercial laundries superior green technologies.

Here are some pictures from the event!


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The Laundry Efficiency Ozone technology absolutely transformed my commercial laundry business! My company is now more productive and cost efficient!

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